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Who is Euroaviation Inc. ?

Euroaviation Inc. is a company registered in Delaware, U.S.A. with a specialisation in the registration of aircrafts.

What is an aircraft trust ?

Aircraft trusts are agreements that are entered between a trustor and a trustee when an aircraft’s legal title is transferred to the trustee. The legal title, as well as the U.S registration, are then issued in the trustee’s name. This structure is approved by the FAA and has been common for nearly 50 years. All owner trustees are under the same obligation as all other aircraft owners to comply with FAA laws and regulations. On the FAA website any tustor can be identified.

Who is eligible to register an aircraft in the United States of America ?

⇾ A US citizen.

⇾ A partnership with each individual holding a US citizenship.

⇾ An corporation or company organised under US state laws with at least 75% of the voting power within the board owned or controlled by a US citizen.

⇾ A corporation or company owned by non-U.S.citizens organised and doing business in the US or under any US State laws with the aircraft generally used and based in the US (60 percent of total flight hours must take off from and land at US airports).

⇾ The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows that any party who qualifies as a U.S. citizen or a resident alien can hold a legal title to an aircraft in trust for a third party, requiring a written trust agreement that is filed with and approved by the FAA.

Is the US company that registered the aircraft a legally operating company that files taxes ? Is your aircraft free of liens ?

⇾ A US company that does not file tax returns or is officially liquidated indicates that the registration is void.
In this case the insurance coverage is also invalid. A title search is required to know if the aircraft is free of liens.

Is your property secured ? Legal access to your aircraft at all times? Possibility to sell your aircraft at any point in time ?

         ⇾ Access to your aircraft at all times and having all legal documents in your possession is essential.

         ⇾ A US registration assures that the aircraft can be sold at any time with the largest market also at your disposal.

Do you have a person (in Europe) who takes full responsibility and guarantees the correct registration of your aircraft ?

         ⇾ Our European office is open Mon - Sat, additionally in case of an emergency you can reach us at any time.

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